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Why Grey's Anatomy Fans Will Love Netflix's New Show Lenox Hill

Netflix's new show Lenox Hill is great for anyone who had finished binging Grey's Anatomy and is looking for a new show to watch in quarantine.

Netflix's new show Lenox Hill is great for anyone who had finished binging Grey's Anatomy and is looking for a new show to watch. Lenox Hill follows real doctors through their own drama-filled lives.

Netflix has been the star when it comes to reality TV shows to discover and binge while in quarantine. The Circle and Love is Blind both took the world by storm. The formats kept the stars isolated which resonated with the world in a way and for a reason they couldn't have predicted. Now they have a reality TV show that follows four doctors. Like the other shows, this one hits home in a world where people have a renewed respect for the healthcare workers and this show helps remind them that those heroes are real people. That isn't the only reason this show may hit home with fans.

With binging shows at an all-time high there has been a resurgence of people watchingGrey's Anatomy. The long-running popular medical drama has attracted fans looking to rewatch their favorite seasons, those who are behind and looking to catch up, and even new fans with time to take on the herculean task of watching the entire series. It has even spawned a popular TikTok trend with people filming their significant others watching the shows more tear or anger-inducing episodes for the first time. Well, Lenox Hill gives fans who are looking for more medical drama to watch, plenty. The twist is that it's all real this time.

It follows four doctors through their day to day lives. Fans of the fictional Shepard family profession will be excited to find out there are not one but two brain surgeons on Lenox Hill. They are juggling life-saving surgeries with kids and daily life just like your scripted TV faves. Don't worry though. The fast-paced ER action is still also represented as one of the doctors is an ER doctor. The fourth doctor is an ob-gyn, who just happens to be pregnant herself. That is some drama so fitting it is hard to believe it isn't scripted. For the record, she isn't the only pregnant doctor in the group either.

The Netflix show finds a nice balance between the professional and personal lives of the doctors. It follows the exciting, and poignant medical side of things but when it comes to their personal lives there are equally interesting. The patients are real. The medical terms aren't being thrown around by actors but rather the people who actually know what they mean and their real-world implications. The show can be graphic and the blood is real but if you can handle it, it's definitely worth it. Full disclosure I have been to Lenox Hill hospital as a patient myself, and I've never realized the different layers of what was happening around me.


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