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A Palestinian collaborator and his family are branded as traitors and forced to flee to Israel; but what happens when they get there? This film follows the El-Akel family over a two-and-a-half year period as they try to face their new fate.
Ibrahim El-Akel was a collaborator with the Israeli security services for over 20 years and was promised asylum by his Israeli ‘operator’. But tension builds and nerves fray as the family waits for citizenship and struggles to assimilate. Alienated and humiliated, Ibrahim's wife Yusra, and their five children bear the consequences of Ibrahim's decision as, cast out from Palestinian society, they strive to be accepted within Israel. Co-directors Adi Barash and Ruthie Shatz gain an intimate view of the family’s toughest moments and witness the threads that bind this family start to unravel under strain. This unflinching documentary bravely tackles the experience of those who risk their lives to collaborate with the enemy.

YEAR  /  2011

DIRECTOR  /  Adi Barash & Ruthie Shatz

RUNTIME  /  85 min | 57 min (TV)


The Jury at watch docs, Warsaw, Poland gave a special mention to “The Collaborator and his Family” for its ability to portray some of the complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian through the unique microcosm of one family.

The Collaborator and His Family is the compelling and dispiriting story

It is a gloomy portrait of a dislocated family struggling to survive on the margins of a society which doesn't want them and unable to return to their home. 


The Collaborator and His Family For its extraordinary ability to chart revealing, oppressive and sometimes shockingly absurd borders within family, state, and society. 

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